A Boost When

Our Economy Needs It


Besides the public health impacts, one of the greatest challenges of Covid-19 will be repairing the damage done to the economy. The Residences at Main, Trumbull will create good jobs as well as other ancillary benefits to the town’s economy during construction and beyond. During construction, local food service, hospitality, gas and convenience businesses generally see an increase in sales. Once complete, the 260 units could inject upwards of $10 million into the local economy, according to a report by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Beyond that, another thing COVID-19 has taught us is the value of ‘living locally’.  Our economic world has always centered around our homes.  Looking forward, our businesses, offices and shops will all benefit by being closely located to our homes – because post COVID-19, living locally takes on a new definition. 

 In a world where we need to take fewer 10-30 minute auto-trips, logging into your ‘office’ at your dinner table and walking our neighborhood for a coffee break, are luxuries we never thought were possible.  Lines are being blurred. Working and shopping locally starts in and around the home – and ‘living locally’ takes on a whole new meaning.

This is exactly how we rebuild our economy