A Thriving Trumbull Needs a Thriving Mall Center

Trumbull Shopping Park - Pre-expansion -1986.jpg


Since 1964, when the Trumbull Shopping Park was first built, the mall has been a collaborative partner with the town of Trumbull.

Westfield Trumbull represents almost 5% of the Trumbull grand list (taxable personal property), making it our community’s largest taxpayer.  This has helped fund our schools, our public safety, and our roads. 

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Today, malls across the country – especially successful ones – are adapting by, diversifying land uses (housing, office, etc.), creating main streets and connections to surrounding communities, and focusing on experiential products and services.


At Westfield, we remain committed to a collaborative approach to ensure a thriving mall center. The Residences at Main is a key component to the future of Westfield Trumbull.